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Revised Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements for the State of New Jersey include at least 15 credits (three years) of science, including at least 5 credits in a laboratory biology/life science or an equivalent class beginning with the current freshman class. Students also will be tested in biology this spring(this is pilot test so it will not count for graduation until next year). One additional lab science, either chemistry, physics or environmental science, will be required for the 2010-11 freshmen class; and a third lab/inquiry-based science would be required for the 2012-13 freshmen class. These requirements were introduced, along with requirements for 15 (three years) credits math, 15 credits (three years) social studies, 20 credits (four years) language arts, 2.5 credits in financial, economics and entrepreneurial literacy, 5 credits in visual and performing arts (a reduction from the previous 10 credits), 5 credits in career education, consumer family and life skills, or career-technical education;3.75 credits in health, safety and PE each year,5 credits in world languages, and technological literacy integrated through all courses. The State will continue to use the current high school tests for math and language arts, while other new end-of-the-year tests are being developed. The proposal also expects districts to actively encourage all students to exceed the state minimum by taking four years each of math, science, social studies and a world language. Future state plans call for students to pass five end-of-course tests for graduation. The proposed code emphasizes the State's desire to make sure students get course work they need to compete for 21st century jobs.